When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

Many people are surprised to discover that hearing loss is a lifelong journey. While it can’t be reversed, hearing aids are the most common treatment and will certainly add to ease, comfort, and communication in your life. If you have been a hearing aid user for years, you may be well aware of their value to the quality of your life and how you are able to communicate on a daily basis.

However, like any electronic, there may be a time when they just aren’t performing as well as they used to. You may find that you are back to struggling to hear all over again—an experience that like hearing loss can creep up gradually, that by the time you notice it is an acute issue. To avoid letting it get to that point we offer a few tips on staying on top of your hearing health.

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids are miniature digital workhorses, leading the way for micro processing in power and speed. They do a lot of work, every day. It is recommended that you wear your hearing aids from the moment you wake till the time you go to sleep, only to be removed when bathing or activities with high moisture. This is a lot for any electronic device. Therefore, most hearing aids last five to seven years. It’s important to clean them nightly and keep up with maintenance as damage occurs to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Signs it’s time to replace your hearing aid:

So, when do you know it’s finally time for an upgrade? Here are a few tips to be on top of your continued hearing health with hearing aids.

Your hearing has changed

Hearing loss is a progressive condition, becoming worse over time. Your hearing may plateau for years, only to become significantly worse over time. You can do what you can to continue to protect your hearing like watching the volume of your headphones, and taking care of ongoing health conditions such as hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease, which can stress the integrity of the inner ear and it’s ability to deliver sound to the brain. However, your hearing will get worse which is why we recommend annual hearing checkups to adjust programming or consider if your current pair is still able to support your hearing impairment.

There are changes to your lifestyle or circumstances

One thing you can always count on is change. As your life, interests and circumstances change, your needs around hearing will as well. Perhaps for the new years you’ve taken up jogging or biking. This means you may need hearing aids which need to be water resistant and reduce wind noise for increased hours outside. You may also have joined a group which puts you in more crowded situations. You can improve your hearing aid experience by investing in directional microphones which prioritize the person speaking in front of you to improve your ability to hear noise.

We are here to help you determine if new hearing aids may better support your mental, physical, and emotional health.

You want to try a different type of device

You’ve heard a lot of accolades for how far hearing aids have come. Perhaps you’ve heard of features others in your life are simply applauding for increasing the quality of your life. Perhaps you would like to discover for yourself how much new hearing aids could improve your life. Visit us to try a few models and see if one may work better for you.

Find the best new hearing aids for you!

There are so many styles of hearing aids and it seems new features are being introduced all the time. It can be a lot to keep up with. However, that’s where we come in. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. We can help you go over your options and help you to find new hearing aids which fit your lifestyle needs along with your hearing support, based on a hearing exam. To schedule your next hearing exam, don’t hesitate to contact us today!