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Jabra Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance Plus is the perfect solution for those who are starting to notice hearing issues but aren’t ready for full-fledged hearing aids. Using Enhance plus, you can augment your hearing wherever you need to while treating them more like a set of earbuds than a medical device.

Prescribed and Fitted by Aspire Audiology & Hearing

Because they are technically hearing aids, Jabra Enhance Plus currently requires a prescription from a licensed hearing care provider. Hearing enhancement is a crucial and life-improving treatment for those with hearing loss, but an improper fitment (programming) can result in additional hearing loss. We can help you find the hearing enhancement you need while ensuring a safe, comfortable fitment.

While traditional hearing aids can cost over $5,000 for premium models, Jabra Enhance Plus is available for just $799. They offer incredible functionality and will make an excellent solution for most people with mild to moderate hearing loss

Feature-Packed Earbuds

Jabra Enhance Plus is Bluetooth-enabled to connect wirelessly to your iPhone. Once connected, they provide hearing enhancement while allowing you to wirelessly stream phone calls, music, and other media, just like a regular set of earbuds.

Employing medical-grade technology, these miniaturized earbuds incorporate four microphones. By using an extra microphone on each earbud, Jabra Enhance Plus can accomplish four sound-processing features that help you hear better wherever you go:

Jabra Enhance Plus
  • Warp Compressor

    Treats sound similar to the way the human ear does, creating a more comfortable listening situation while making more sounds audible.

  • Digital Noise Reduction

    Reduces background sound, allowing speech to come through more clearly in all kinds of environments.

  • Digital Feedback Suppression

    Eliminates “whistling.”

  • Binaural Beamformer (with directionality)

    Lets you focus only on the sound coming from in front of you, for situations when you need to hear clearly in the noisiest environments.

Wearers can switch between three modes: Adaptive, Focus, and Surround. Adaptive mode automatically interprets your environment and processes sound automatically with a priority on speech clarity. This is a great general-purpose mode as you move through your day, providing the likely best sound everywhere you go.

Focus mode lets you zero in on the conversations nearby. It can be a great option to engage when you sit down at a table with others at a restaurant or where background noise might interfere with an important conversation.

Surround mode enhances all the sound around you, letting you take in the environment and helping you to be more aware of whatever is happening. It’s a great option for taking a walk or a bike ride, or in any situation where you want to hear everything around you and enjoy the diversity of sounds drifting across your path.

Jabra Enhance Plus

Tiny Yet Mighty

Jabra Enhance Plus packs a lot into an incredibly small package. They’re nearly 40% smaller than the average miniature earbud! While they are visible in profile when you turn your head, they are unnoticeable when facing someone directly.

Despite their tiny size, they offer more functionality than other earbuds and a similar user experience. They come in a sleek, stylish charging case that provides 30 hours' worth of use on a single charge, while the earbuds themselves can be used for up to 10 hours continuously. This charging regimen makes Jabra Enhance Plus a great option for those who need hearing enhancement in many situations, but don’t require the all-day assistance of a set of hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Plus

The “command center” of Enhance Plus is the Jabra Enhance iPhone app.

The app includes a one-time setup program (though additional adjustments can be made if needed), and a simple set of controls to adjust the volume and listening mode wherever you find yourself. The earbuds themselves have no physical controls, which enhances their water and dirt resistance (they’re rated IP52) and means you never have to fiddle with your ears while you’re wearing them!

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Jabra Enhance Plus

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